1. Photorealism
    Richard Estes,
    born: May 14, 1932 (age 81)

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  2. Natalie Portman
    Dior Magazine, feb 2014

  3. The express train ‘Offenburg-Freiburg’ and the shadow of the Zeppelin airship ‘Schwaben’ (LZ 10) taken from the airship. The ‘Schwaben’ burned on 28/06/1912 in the Golzheimer heath near Dusseldorf.

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  4. Robert ParkeHarrison

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  5. mimbeau:

    Eiffel Tower

    Paris 1950s

    Robert Doisneau

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  6. Lee Friedlander

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  8. cinephilearchive:

    As Stanley Kubrick’s black comedy ‘Dr Strangelove,’ starring Peter Sellers, turns 50, the BFI share some production designs and behind-the-scenes shots from the making of a cold war masterpiece. Photo credits: SK Film Archives LLC, Sony Colombia, the Kubrick family, and University of the Arts London.

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    Inside: ‘Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb’ (2000), a behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of one of the classics of modern cinema. Including interviews with many members of the cast and crew of this story about the scramble by the heads of state to head off a rogue general’s attempt to launch a nuclear war, this film gives fans a wealth of new information on the work and effort that went into bringing the film to fruition.

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  9. King of the Dance Floor

    by Dmitri Morkin
    фото: Дмитрий Моркин

  10. via by nick dewolf photo archive / s. lundeen, archivist on Flickr
    boston, massachusetts
    december 8, 1967

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  11. wehadfacesthen:

    Judy Garland and Richard Avedon, 1956

    from thoughtsof-eternity

  12. Color photograph of Judy Garland and baby Liza, 1946.

    (Source: dreamsgoneastray, via sharontates)